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In this article, we describe the steps on how to integrate with Xero and how to automatically sync dropship and replenishment invoices to Xero. 
Please note that Onport only exports to Xero and not the other way around. So if you make any changes in Xero (for example, mark a payment as "complete"), those may not be reflected in Onport.


❗️This integration will give you the possibility to use the Automated Vendor Payout which is a feature only available to the Advance Plan or above.

Integrating with Xero

You'll first need to Connect Onport to your Xero account by following these steps:

If testing, we recommend only connecting to a test Xero store, to ensure test invoices aren't pushing into your live accounting system. It is possible to create multiple Xero organizations under a single account, so you may want to use that feature to set up a Test Organisation to try the accounting features.


1. Go to Integrations > Xero.

2. Select "+ New Xero account" and enter the name of your Xero account.

3. Click the red "connect" button in the top right.

4. Another tab will be open so you can log in to your Xero account and confirm the permissions required to create invoices and import your supplier contacts.

We only require the permissions for the tasks Onport needs to complete. If you have any questions on why we need certain permissions, please get in touch with our support team.


In some testing or trial accounts - you may see the option to only allow access for 30 minutes. This means you may need to refresh your connection every 30 minutes. However, this won't be needed for live customers.


5. Once connected, you should see a green "connected" button. You'll then be able to select and confirm the Xero account you want to connect to. This can be selected under the "Tenant" field.

Connecting vendors

Onport can sync both replenishment and dropship vendor invoices to Xero. For an invoice to sync, the contact record will first need to be connected between Onport and Xero. For the marketplace vendors, you can set the Xero record under Contacts > Dropship provider settings > Tax tab:

For replenishment vendors, you can follow a similar process under the contact edit page. Once connected, you'll then be able to sync invoices for both dropship and replenishment purchase orders.

Syncing invoices

Invoices can be synced manually or automatically. You can enable automated syncing of invoices for replenishments and dropship separately under Setup > Accounting:

For syncing manually, you'll need to click on a purchase invoice. You can do this under Contacts > Payments. Then, click on the "search invoices" button.

Clicking into an invoice, you'll then be able to click the "sync accounting" button. The invoice will be added to your Xero account under the mapped contact record. You'll be able to see a confirmation and link to the invoice in Xero once it has been synced.

You'll be able to view your incoming invoices in your Xero account under the Accounting tab > Bills to pay. Each invoice also links back to Onport, if you click on the "Go to Onport" button.

Our Xero integration adds products and shipping as line items to the order. Stock isn't tracked nor mapped to products within Xero. The reference used for the order will match the invoice number within Onport. As you can part invoice orders, you can have multiple invoices synced for the one order. For example, if you wanted to sync multiple invoices for a larger replenishment purchase order.


It is also possible to sync adjustments to Xero if needed. If this is a feature you need, please get in touch with our support team to enable it.

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