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When beginning your journey with Onport, it's crucial to review the settings and options provided on our platform. The first step is to establish your payment strategy.

Onport can fully automate your payment workflow for multi-vendor marketplaces using our vendor commission and automated payment setups. But if you have more complex requirements, such as adding landed costs or setting up custom commissions for specific products and circumstances, we suggest you get in touch with our support team.

Decide your commission structure

Onport allows you to define your commission settings per vendor or per product. In this article, we do a quick overview of all the features available and share the articles that show how to configure them.

Commission rates at a vendor level

Onport can automatically apply commission rates to line items as they're imported, and you can define the commission rate per vendor -  either a fixed amount for each item sold or a percentage of the retail price for each item sold.

🔎 To know more on how to set up this option follow this article

Commission rates at a product level

In case you need to set a specific commission rate for a single product you also have the option to set a percentage or fixed amount and associate with that specific SKU.

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🔎 We also have the option to calculate commission based on tags when you want to apply the same commission to multiple products based on common product tags, you can look it up here.

Not using commission rates

If you do not want to set up commission rates, you can use Onport to manage the cost prices of your items and decide on how to pay your vendors.

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Decide on how you're going to sync vendor payments

When setting up a new vendor you should be mindful of how you are going to manage the payout to your vendor.

Onport provides different methods for paying your vendors and when you first start using Onport, some methods are provided out of the box. You can enable or disable the payment methods from Setup > Payment methods, remove the ones you don't want, and add any that are missing.



Under Contacts > Dropship provider settings > Payment setup tab you will find the option to payout your vendor manually through bank transfers or automatically through a payment platform service.

Automated vendor payments

❗️Important: Only works for the Advanced Plan Subscriptions. If you want to upgrade your subscription please get in touch with our support team.

If you want to automatically pay your vendors by integrating with one of the payment platform services we have available in Onport, this will be a great option for you.

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Other payment methods (manual)

If you are in the Standard Plan or want to pay your vendors by bank transfer or other manual methods, you need to choose this option. The platforms available don't support automated payments, but invoices will still be raised automatically so you can track payments.

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Decide when the vendors get paid

You can also define when your dropship providers are paid. Onport will set the default option when new dropship providers are created but you can change it per dropship provider if needed.

Once your vendor gets paid the information will appear under Contacts > Payments.

🔎 To know more on how to set up this option follow this article

Invoice notifications

In Onport you can send an email alert to your users and/or dropship providers every time an invoice is raised. This means you can always keep up with your vendor payments and ensure no orders are skipped.

You can choose the option "Do not send a notification" if, for example, you handle your vendor commissions on another platform outside of Onport. 

In case you want to enable specific options to specific users under a dropship provider you can go to the Contacts > Dropship provider settings > Contact tab > select the user email > a pop-up will appear and you can enable or disable the toggles:



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