Managing multi-currency operations with multiple Shopify stores

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In this article, we will walk you through the steps needed to set up multi-currency operations when you have multiple Shopify stores/channels.

How to get started

1) Go to Onport and create a new currency in Setup > Currencies - select the currency from the list, name it and choose whether or not you want to use Live FX Rates and round up the price after the price conversion:


2) Create a Price List under Setup > Price Lists - you can choose to upload a file or link a URL from a Google sheet, for example:Screen_Recording_2022-08-26_at_12.17.25_PM.gif3) Create a Shopify channel and associate the previously created price list under Integrations > Shopify > Inventory and Prices tab:

Screen_Recording_2022-08-26_at_12.22.21_PM.gif4) Make sure the default currency is set and correct under Setup > Currencies and that each currency is connected to the right channel under Integrations > Shopify:




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