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After creating your vendor's inventory feed and fetching it, the products will be imported into Onport and they will go through different statuses. In this article, we will explain the meaning behind each status.

Product status meaning

Status Description
Not connected The item is not connected to any variant in your store.
Not published The product has been imported into Onport but has not been published to your store.
Publishing The system is publishing the item to your store. Once completed, you'll be able to see it there and in the main inventory section in Onport.
Connected to The product's variant is connected to a variant in your store.
Published You will see a green button with the name of your store indicating that the product variant is now live on your e-commerce platform.

❗️If you're having trouble publishing an item because it went back to the "not published" status after you published it, please see this article to help you troubleshoot what the issue could be.

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