How to improve email deliverability for messages sent to vendors

Francesco de Lorenzi
Francesco de Lorenzi
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In this article, we describe how to improve email deliverability for messages sent to vendors.

Getting started

Onport sends notification emails to vendors for a set of events, such as Purchase Order creation.

These messages are sent on behalf of the marketplace with the sender being set to the company's email address.

If you would like to increase email deliverability and therefore reduce the chance that such messages could be forwarded to the vendor's spam folder, you can follow the steps described below:

1. Raise a ticket with our support team. Once this is done, Onport is able to authenticate your company's domain with our transactional email provider.
2. Our team will ask you to confirm the domain or subdomain you would like to set as an authorized domain (e.g. or
3. Once the domain is confirmed, our team will share a set of TXT records to be added to the DNS zone, specifically SPF and DKIM.
4. After the domain verification and subsequent configuration in Onport, emails will be signed on behalf of your domain while being sent, resulting in a DKIM signature and SPF being verified.
You will also be able to set up specific DMARC tags related to DKIM and SPF alignment policies once the above is done.

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