How to sync dropship orders in a vendor's currency

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In your Marketplace, you may have vendors who operate in different currencies and want the orders synced back to their store (e.g. if they are on Shopify) in their currency. Some platforms may also require you to sync in a specific currency. For example, on Squarespace, you may need to specify the currency to sync in, which may be different than your marketplace currency. 

How to set this up

To enable this, you'll need to ensure you have your currencies set up. You can add new currencies under Setup > Currencies ( You can opt for a static exchange rate or a daily one that's matched to the ECB (European Central Bank). 

Once your currency is configured, you'll need to assign the currency to the vendor. 

Contacts > Vendor name > Orders Tab > Advanced > Currency for Order sync


FX rate fluctuations

When syncing currencies using daily exchange rates, there may be a double conversion on the value. First, convert the inventory feed to your currency. Then, when sold, the amount is synced back to the vendor's store. There may also be different FX rates used if the order is placed at a different point from when the price is synced. 

As such, there may be small fluctuations in the final value synced back to the vendor. 

Impact on payout amounts

The value synced back does not have an impact on the amount paid, which will be based on either the commission, calculated from the price on the order or, using the wholesale price if you are not using commission rates. 

The payout amounts to the vendor in the payment reports will be accurate and remain the same, regardless of the settings used to send the order back to the vendor. 

Historic orders

Any changes to the currency settings will not apply to any previous orders. They will only apply to new orders. Currently, we don't have a way to change past orders in the vendor's store. 

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