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Sync orders, shipments and inventory between Onport and your Shopify stores.

Onport allows you to connect and sync sales, purchase and inventory data across multiple e-commerce stores and offline sales channels. 


When installing the Onport app through Shopify, a new Onport account will be created. If you created an account using a direct link sent from the Sales team, make sure this was done using the same login email you use in Shopify. You can later add users directly in your Onport account under Setup > Users to provide access to your team members.
❗️It’s important that the same email is used when creating an account and when connecting your e-commerce platform to Onport during the onboarding process with our support team to avoid account duplication.

You are able to connect multiple Shopify stores to a single Onport account - just make sure the SKUs are consistent between the stores.

How to connect Shopify to Onport

Accessing and managing your Sales channels is easy, whether you have 1 or 10. You'll first need to add your store to the setup area.

1. You can do so by clicking the Integrations menu item on the left and selecting Shopify on the next page appearing on the screen:

2. You will be able to click "New Shopify Store" to be presented with the page where you can configure the new store.

3. On that page, you'll need to fill in your Shopify URL in the Shopify store URL field and click Save.

❗️The Shopify URL corresponds to the subdomain appearing on your Shopify admin panel, as highlighted in the image below.

4. Once the page is loaded, click the Connect button positioned on the top right corner of the page:

You will be redirected to your Shopify admin panel.

❗️Make sure to click Install app to install Onport's app in your store.

❗️Once you've connected your store, it may take up to a few minutes to import your products, depending on the number you have.

Onport will only import sales placed after you've connected your store and won't import any historical sales. This is to ensure your inventory levels are accurate. So, new sales won't appear until new ones are placed in your store.

Import sales from Shopify into Onport

New sales are typically imported within a few seconds of being placed on Shopify, so there is no need to manually import each time. When importing sales, we'll automatically create a new customer record. If the sale contains a product not yet in Onport, we'll automatically import that as well.

Enable staff to use SSO (Single Sign-On) from Shopify

If other Shopify store staff members are unable to log in to Onport from the Shopify admin panel itself, it is highly recommended that the Onport admin ensures SSO is enabled in the store settings:


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