Dropship item marked incorrectly as an in-house item

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You can use Onport to ship in-house from your own warehouses, or dropship items from your vendors or 3PL. 

When setting up Onport, we sometimes find dropshipped items that are accidentally marked as in-house and shipped within Shopify or another shipping platform linked to Shopify.

For example, if you ship in-house as well as dropship, AND use a 3rd party shipping platform (e.g. ShipStation), you may have accidentally included a dropship item when shipping an item.

This will then prevent the dropship purchase order from being raised as the sale would have already been marked as shipped with tracking.

How to fix

  1. Go to In-House > Shipments.
  2. Choose order.
  3. Select the item you want to move to a dropship purchase order.
  4. Click the "Move to dropship" button and select the dropship provider.
  5. Go to the dropship purchases section to see the newly generated PO. These POs aren't automatically sent, so you'll then need to click into the PO and click the "send" button.

How to prevent this

To prevent this from happening initially, we recommend moving your in-house shipping operations to Onport. We have most of the features you'll find elsewhere, you can generate shipping quotes, print labels and print packing slips. We also automatically split out in-house and dropship items for you.

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