How to generate commercial invoices for international orders

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Joana Morais
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This article explains how commercial invoices for international orders can be generated.

Getting started

Commercial invoices are generated by carriers when an overseas shipment is generated. Most aggregator integrations support getting commercial invoices in the Onport UI when shipments are created via Onport.

Generating commercial invoices

In order to generate a commercial invoice, you must ensure that your shipping aggregator has all the correct settings enabled in order to generate the commercial invoice automatically alongside the shipping label. 

It is essential to have products and the account updated with the correct weights, cost prices, HS codes, countries of origin, and other details recommended by carriers to ensure you get no surcharges when doing cross-border shipments.  

If you are providing labels to your vendor using a shipping aggregator, the commercial invoice will be created at the same time as the shipping label is generated. The link provided to your vendor will display a commercial invoice in addition to the usual shipping label. 




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