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In this article, we describe how you can integrate with your Shippypro account so you can print labels or provide them to your vendors from within Onport.

Getting started

With Shippypro you will be able to print labels for both in-house and dropship orders within Onport and the dropship portal. The connection is fairly easy to establish, leaving you only to set up your own carriers' shipper accounts.

Connecting your Shippypro account

Go to and create your Shippypro account. Once signed up, feel free to set up your Shippypro account as needed with the carriers you work with and the specifications you require. All you need is the API key to integrate with Onport - and you can get this from the API section that you can find in the main menu on the left-hand side of Shippypro's UI:

Go to your Onport account and navigate to Integrations > Shippypro, enable the Use Shippypro toggle, paste the Shippypro API key and click Save:

You'll now be able to generate labels through your Shippypro account. We recommend checking out the Shippypro documentation for details on how to add additional carrier accounts. 


Sometimes, when you click "Print Shipping Label" when shipping an order in Onport, the order may become shipped in Onport without actually getting a label in Onport's UI. This happens because Shippypro will find an error with the request but not return a known error message/code, which is interpreted as a successful operation although the labels aren't then displayed in Onport.

When this is the case, the first step to troubleshoot is to go to Shippypro and try to find the labels for the order there. If those were successfully generated in Shippypro, you can provide your vendor with the labels from there. If not, please reach out to our Support team and provide all the necessary information (order number, API logs from Shippypro, and any relevant details).

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