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This feature allows users to retrieve a history of changes made to a total of 31 resources in the system, such as Dropship Provider, Inventory Feed, Shipping Rates, Channel configuration settings, Sales, Purchases, Dropshipments, and more. This feature was released on May 25th, 2023.

❗️ Changes before this date will not be historically visible.

Benefits of resource change caching

This feature is particularly useful in two situations:

  1.  It can help to identify the root cause of unexpected behavior by correlating the behavior with changes made at some point by the Marketplace team which were later reverted. For instance, if Sync Price was disabled on a feed for a short period of time, the system admin can correlate this with the issue and take appropriate measures.
  2.  Users can correlate issues or application behavior with specific date and time information, i.e. when the initial change was performed by the Marketplace team. This can be useful in identifying changes that might have caused issues in the system.

Users can also find out which user made specific changes in the account using the user ID. In addition, the feature also allows finding out when a specific Sale or Purchase has changed, for example, based on an update propagated by the Marketplace frontend.

How to use resource change caching?

Via Onport's app

Resource Change Caching can be accessed through each main feature within the system. Onport offers a tab in the horizontal bar called Updates, which displays the latest updates made to each feature:


In case of other resources such as Sales and Purchases, users can access the dropdown and then select View log; it will open a modal popup with all changes made to that specific resource:


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