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Sometimes you need to set a specific commission rate for a single product using a percentage or fixed amount and in Onport you can set up the commission product by product or with the help of tags which can impact several products within the same inventory feed. 

Setting up the commission rate

Because you are applying the commission at a product level you need to enter the setting of each item by going to Inventory > search for the product title or SKU > Shipping tab > Commission rate setup section:

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By default the option chosen will be "Use dropship provider setup" but if you want to set a different commission rate that option will trigger the dropdown to be opened and you can choose between Fixed amount or percentage > Enter the amount:



🔎 If you want to apply these same commission rates to more than one item in the same inventory feed or in specific orders, the option to calculate commission based on tags could be a solution and you can look at how to set it up here.



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