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When you first enter the Payment setup tab under Contacts > Dropship provider settings you will see different options to choose from, regarding the commission method you want to use and also how you want to calculate the vendor commission rates. 

Setting up the commission rate

First, you should decide who is going to invoice your customer, as in Onport you have two options: 

  • Commission-based model - where the marketplace will be responsible for invoicing the customer.
  • Reverse model - where the vendor will invoice the customer, for the full values of the items, and then the marketplace will invoice the vendor for the commission amount. 

🔎 Read this article to better understand how the commission method works within Onport.


Then you can select the type of commission rate - fixed amount or a percentage of the retail price -, as well as specify the exact percentage or fixed amount:

Once you choose one of these two options is important that you select Save, in the top right corner.


In Onport we also have the possibility to apply landed costs to fixed or percentage-based fees, per order or line item, to cover any additional cost you might have, for example, handling or processing feeds.

🔎 To know more about the landed costs feature you can look into this article.


If you have more complex requirements, please reach out directly to our support contacts.



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