How to charge my vendors for tax

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Ana Brandão
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When syncing orders with the vendor store, a different tax rate can be applied than the one used to calculate payments. This will have no impact on the payout amounts. However, it is typically requested by vendors if they want a specific tax rate applied to their orders other than that calculated at checkout by the marketplace.

How to set this up

1 - Go to Contacts > Dropship providers

2 - Click on the name of a drop provider and then on the Tax tab.

3 - Under the section “Calculating tax on dropship purchase orders”, choose the option that most suits this vendor: 

  • Add tax to dropship provider’s store (only supported on Shopify stores): having this on, you will add the shipping and product tax lines when raising an order within the dropship provider’s store.
  • Charge taxes on shipping rates
  • All taxes are included in my price: when this feature is enabled, the relevant taxes will be seen as a line item, even though no taxes appear to be added. The subtotal and total will be identical, but the amount of tax you must remit for this order will also be indicated.
  • Base tax NET price when prices include taxes: when using a sales channel like Shopify, it is possible with taxes included. When this happens, taxes are dynamically reversed into the final sale price at checkout. You should enable this option if you want to base the commission on the NET rather than the GROSS price. When taxes are not included in the prices, commission calculations will always be based on the NET price.


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