How can I see the payments error details?

Sara Silva
Sara Silva
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There are a couple of reasons why sometimes your vendor's payout fails and this article aims to show you how you can understand what could be the cause and the possible solutions to fix it.

Payment error details

To review the error causing vendor payout failure, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Contacts -> Payments -> Batch Transfer
  2. You can filter for a specific vendor, the status of the transfer, or even the payment method used (Paypal, Stripe, etc).
  3. Select the transfer reference and a popup will appear with the invoice information. 
  4. Click the Details button on the right side of the red Error bar.
  5. The modal popup appearing on the screen will show the detailed error.


Usually we can understand the error by looking into the text part, however, if it's not clear please reach out to our support service.

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