How to set up automated vendor payments

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Keeping on top of your vendor payments can easily become a headache when you’re running a successful multi-vendor marketplace. The solution? Automate your payments!

In this article, we will show you the steps to configure this feature.


The following instructions for the feature Automated Vendor Payout are only available on the Advance or Plus Plan subscriptions.

Integrate with Payment Platforms

You can settle payments automatically using Stripe, Wise, or Paypal by integrating your account with Onport under Integrations > Payments:

🔎 Please review our resources on each of these payment methods for more detail on how to set them up correctly in Onport.


After you add all your account details you can define the payment method per vendor by going to Contacts > Dropship provider > Payment setup tab > select one of the automated options available:


And to finalize the process you need to scroll down and enable the option "Stripe/Wise/Paypal/Custom Only". You also have the option to schedule automated payments daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly:


You can choose to delay the payments by a set number of days. For example, you may want to delay the payment until the returns period has ended in order to avoid complications in returning vendor funds back to the customer for returns or refunds. When choosing this option, the date considered for payment is the number of days selected after the shipping date, not the date that the order has been placed. 


The vendor's invoices are also fully automated as they are raised as the items are shipped and the payment due will be visible in the payment report. This is automated and you'll be notified if anything goes wrong (e.g. if you sell an item for a vendor but didn't set a commission rate).



- Be aware that there will be two separate transactions happening. One is the payment for customers that happens through Shopify (Onport has nothing to do with this transaction and the payment processing fee). The second is the payment to vendors from the selected account (e.g. Stripe) that will include the payment account fees as well.

- When making payments to Stripe accounts based in different regions (e.g. US to CA, EU to AUS and so on), these can only be made using a credit card set in Integrations > Stripe. This is a Stripe limitation that will prevent Stripe Balance payments from being made successfully.


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