Return Label Types

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This article will walk you through the different return labels Onport has the ability to generate, according to what best fits your business needs.

Return Label Types

In Onport we offer two different types of return labels:

1. Regular Outbound Label
2. Pre-Paid Returns Label

Go to Contacts > Dropship Providers > Returns tab > "Return Label Type" and select one of the 2 options below: 


1. Regular Outbound Label

The Return Label Type “Regular Outbound Label” unlocks the possibility to filter the Integration, Carrier, and/or Service Level when generating the Return Label. 

This process of label generation is disassociated with the shipping label creation. This allows Onport to generate a Return Shipping label with a different shipping integration, carrier, or service level used for the shipping rate. 

This label can be generated upon manual action - by the marketplace or the vendor -  or automatically when communicating the order to the vendor system.

2. Pre-Paid Return Label

The pre-paid return label is a return label automatically generated, by using the same shipping integration and carrier, when the shipping label is created.

Onport will create a return label by inverting the shipping and delivery address, used for the shipping label, in order to achieve the desired shipment flow. This label is usually generated and shared with the vendor when the Dropship Purchase is communicated to the vendor.

The Pre-Paid Return Labels support the Pre-Printed return label strategy,  given the vendor has the ability to add this label to the customer’s parcel for future use.
However, if this is not the preferred option, the return label is kept available in Onport for future download, in case a customer decides to return a parcel later on.

If you still have questions, feel free to open a ticket with our Support team.

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