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A common scenario you may be faced with is a customer raising the need to exchange an item. In this article, we describe how Onport supports this process and how you are advised to proceed.


To exchange an item for a customer, you may or may not want to first return the item using the process above. To raise a new item for the customer, we recommend:

  1. Cloning the original sale in Onport. From the sales list, search for and select the sale you want to exchange. Once inside the sale, select the line items and click the clone button.

  1. If you want to send out a different item (e.g. a different size), delete the item on the new sale, then search for and add the new item(s).

  2. Once the new item(s) have been added, you should adjust the price accordingly. If you don't want to charge the customer or raise an invoice with the vendor, set the price to 0. Then, click finalize.

  3. This will process and close the sale, which will automatically create and send the new purchase orders to the vendor like any other order. From there, they'll be able to print shipping labels or enter tracking details for the items.

❗️In the above process, the sale was raised in Onport. As such, the customer won't receive any email notifications unless you sync the sale back up to your store. You can do this by clicking on the post to channel button. This will create a copy of the sale in your online store:


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