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This articles serves to share the different ways a return label can be generated when using Onport. By supporting both the manual and automated generation of labels, with this article you will be able to understand the difference between these options and how to set it up.


❗️The process described below assumes the vendor is using the vendor portal to manage the returns. The returns will not sync to the vendor's store, so they will need to do this manually on their end.

Return label generation

At a dropship provider level, you will need to determine when and how a return label should be generated.

You can choose to automatically generate a return label with each order or manually create them when needed. 


Go to Contacts > Dropship Providers > Returns tab > "When should pre-paid return labels be generated?" and select one of the 2 options below:


1. Manually create return labels

1.1. Marketplace

Marketplace manually generates return labels from Onport and these will integrate with the Vendor portal.

After clicking "Generate Shipping Label", fill in the order weight & dimensions if needed and fetch rates. A label will be generated to download:


1.2. Vendor

Vendor manually generates a return label in the Vendor Portal.
After clicking "Return Shipments", a button will appear to generate a “New Return Label”.

❗️Manually generating a return shipping label doesn’t automatically create a return originating from the order.


2. Automatically generating when sending order notification

A Return Shipping Label is most commonly generated with the Shipping Label Creation, which usually makes them accessible to vendors automatically.

2.1. E-commerce platform

A URL is made available for the vendor to print the label and it can be found in the Order Notes section:
Link 1 - Label
Link 2 - Commercial Invoice

2.2. Vendor platform

A label is made available for the vendor to print the label and it can be found after clicking the option “Return Shipments”:


🔎 Check this article if you want to know more about the types of labels available in Onport.

If you still have questions, feel free to open a ticket with our Support team.

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