How to invoice vendors using rates paid by the customer

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In this article, we show how to use the same shipping rate paid by the customer.

Getting started

When choosing how to handle shipping, Onport gives you the option to use the same shipping rate paid by the customer.

As a marketplace, you use can use the shipping rate paid by your customer at checkout and pass it along to your vendor. In order to set this up you'll need to go to Contacts > Dropship provider > Shipping tab > select the option "Use same shipping rate paid by the customer":


Invoicing the vendor for shipping using the customer rate

Once you've set the shipping rates in your online store, the amount paid at checkout by your customer will be added to the invoice raised for the vendor.
In order to invoice your vendor for shipping, head to the Contact > Dropship Provider > Payment Setup Tab and enable the "Invoice Shipping Cost" setting.

The amount paid by the customer can be applied to your vendor in one of three options:

  • Add the shipping to the payout total
  • Reduce payout by shipping total
  • Add the shipping to the payout total (but deduct the commission)

How to split the shipping rate for a multivendor order?

If, for instance, an order has multiple dropship providers, you can choose to split the shipping cost between vendors. In that situation, you must go to Integrations > Channel store > Shipping tab > "How should shipping income be split across vendors?" section and choose the option that best fits your strategy.

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