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As a Marketplace, Onport allows you to connect your Magento store. You can handle orders with ease and easily sync your inventory and pricing.

How to connect Magento to Onport

1. Head to the Integrations menu in Onport and select Magento:


2. You'll need to set up an API username and password for Onport to be able to communicate with your Magento store. You will be asked to enter the store URL, as well as the current API username and password:


❗️In order to obtain a username and password, you will need to first create a user role with the permissions needed, and then assign the user to the role. The following permissions are needed for this role:


  • Operations
    • Orders
      • Actions
        • Create
        • View
        • Send Order Email
        • Reorder
        • Edit
        • Cancel
        • Accept or Deny Payment
        • Capture
        • Invoice
        • Credit Memos
        • Hold
        • Unhold
        • Ship
        • Comment
        • Send Sales Emails
        • Payment Amount Authorization


  • Inventory
    • Products
      • Update Attributes
      • Edit Product Design


  • Settings
    • All Stores
    • Configuration
      • Inventory Section
  • Inventory
    •  Sources
    • Stocks
      • Edit Stocks
    • Attributes
      • Product

3. Once the permissions of the user role have been set, you can create a new user under the Magento account. To do this, you need to navigate to Systems > All users > Add new user:


❗️Before saving the new user, it is important that you select the user role created in the earlier step so that Onport can access all the relevant data.


Access Token Authentication

As an alternative to User / Password authentication, it is possible to generate an access token directly by creating a new Integration via System -> Integration in Magento's Administration Panel.

Once done, the Access Token generated can pasted in Onport's Magento Store setup, under the Username field. The password will need to be blank in this case.


Vendor attribute

In order to import the Vendor Name into Onport for order routing purposes, it is highly recommended to create a new Product Attribute. This can be set by navigating to Stores > Attributes > Product:



The Attribute code should then be entered in the Magento store settings in Onport:


Additionally, a weight unit can be specified and made consistent between Onport and your store:  10.PNG

Finally, you can define which order statuses will trigger the import of orders within Onport.


Source Location Filtering

Optionally, it is possible to instruct Onport to only import Products that are available in a given Magento Source Location.

This can be done by using the respective field in the Magento Store Setup in Onport, as shown below:


If you still have questions, feel free to open a ticket with our Support team.



- If you are facing difficulties fetching Products and Orders and the permissions are correct, please make sure the Magento_Version module is enabled.


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