How to dynamically add specific items to orders

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As a marketplace, you may want to have a single line item in the order but require the vendor to add an additional product automatically that details information on the fulfillment along with every order that has been raised. In this article, we'll show you how to dynamically add a product to each order that is raised. 


Some examples where you might need to dynamically add a product to orders include:

- Adding a custom packing artwork that needs to go in the box and needs to be added to every order by the vendor, but that you don’t want to display in your front end because you don’t want to show that to the customer in the packing slip or on the order confirmation;

- A physical gift card you instructed your vendors to include with each order from your Marketplace store upon packing the items;

- A product sample if you have an agreement with the vendors where for every order, they should automatically send a sample of a set of products along with the ordered item.

How to set this up

Go to Contacts > Dropship Providers > (choose vendor) > Orders tab > “Items to add to orders”:


You can add as many as you want, just keep in mind this won’t apply retrospectively. This additional item will then automatically be added to the dropship purchase for that vendor once the order is raised.

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