How to create weight or price-based rates

Joana Morais
Joana Morais
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In this article, we describe how to set up and create weight or price-based rates.

Getting started

Depending on your shipping strategy, you may want to charge your customers different values according to their purchase spending or order weight. 

Setting up weight or price-based rates

  1. Go to Setup > Vendor Shipping rates 
  2. Click New Shipping Rate at the top right-hand side > Type in "Name" and "Code" of your choice (these can be the same)
  3. Select Weight or Price-based Shipping > Click Save at the top
  4. Assign Dropship Provider(s) > Click Save at the top
  5. Select Domestic/ Rest of the World band types by Weight or Price
  6. Fill in details Shipping Zone, Threshold, Cost of Shipping, Price increase per item, Service level, Shipping Code > Click Add Shipping Rate Weight >  Click Save at the top



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