How to map specific carriers and service levels for vendor labels

Joana Morais
Joana Morais
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In this article, we describe how to map specific carriers and service levels for vendor labels.

Getting started

When providing labels to your Vendors, you may want to map specific carriers and service levels according to your needs. 
Note: Mapping specific carries and service levels are not dependent on one another and can be set individually.

Generating rates for the specific carriers set up on your Shipping aggregator account only applies to Live Carrier rates and Advanced Shipping rules with Carrier rates:

  1.  Go to Setup > Vendor Shipping Rates > select the rate you wish to map for a specific carrier
  2. Scroll down to Custom carrier > click Select Specific Carrier
  3. Under Filter Integrations select ALL > enable Filter Carrier > Type in Carrier type
  4. Filter Service Levels as desired by selecting or excluding services
  5. Under Service Levels type in the service level code and click (+)
  6. Click + Add shipping rate carrier > Save at the top

❗️Please ensure the service level code mapped in Onport exactly matches the code used to identify that specific Service Level within the shipping aggregator you use.

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