How to add a prefix to the order numbers

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You may want to add a reference to your order numbers so that your vendors can easily identify that the orders they receive are coming from your marketplace. In this article, we'll show you how to set this up.


This is not technically possible for all integrations, not all e-commerce platforms support this feature. This is supported in Shopify, ChannelEngine and ShipStation only.

How to do this

1. You'll need to go to Integrations > (your store) > Order Processing tab:

2. Choose the prefix you want to add to the orders and click Save. We recommend the prefix to be uppercase and up to 5/6 letters.

3. After that, make sure you go to Contacts > (choose vendor) > Orders tab and enable the setting below:

This will not apply retrospectively but, from now on, your vendors will see your orders in their store like this: "MKP1001", "MKP1002".

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