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In this article, we describe how to integrate with a vendor using Google Sheets (API key). Your vendor can use Google Sheets to sync products.

How to get the Google Sheets API key

You need a personal Google account, not a Google Suite account issued by your school or business.

Warning: depending on your account settings, your screen instructions may vary from those listed below.

  1. Go to the Google Developers Console at and log in to your Google account. Google may ask you to identify your country and agree to its terms of service.

  2. Click on Select a Project on the opening screen and on New project afterward.

  1. In the next screen, give your new project a meaningful short name to remind you of its purpose, such as google-onport. You do not need to create an organization or parent folder. Then click Create.
  1. In the next screen, click on Google Cloud Platform at the top of the page, and on Go to APIs overview afterward. 
  1. Click on + ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES and search for Google Sheets in the search bar that appears. 
  1. Once you click on Google Sheets API, select the Enable button to turn on the Google Sheets API for your project.
  1. In the left sidebar menu, click Credentials, then click on To view all credentials visit Credentials in APIs and services, then + CREATE CREDENTIALS and select API key.
  1. In the next screen, the console will generate your API key. Copy it, then press Restrict key.
Copy your API key and press Restrict key.
  1. In the new window, under API restrictions, choose the Restrict key radio button. In the dropdown that appears, choose Google Sheets API, then click Save.
You can now insert your Google Sheets API key in Onport by going to Integrations, and clicking on Google Sheets that you find at the bottom of the page. You can insert here your Google Drive API key and click Save


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