How to update the customer's address

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This article serves to show the process of changing the customer's address before and after the order has been communicated to the Vendor.
If your customer entered the wrong address at checkout and has asked for it to be updated, here is the guide on how to proceed.

Before the order is communicated to the vendor

If you manually finalize orders before sending them to vendors, there is the possibility to process this action at a sale level in Onport:
Go to  Sales > choose the order > click the dropdown next to the customer's information> click "Edit Shipping Address":

After the order is communicated to the vendor

If you automatically communicate orders to your vendors, this is how you can set this up:

1) Go to Sales > Dropship Purchases > Choose the Purchase Order > "Edit Ship to":

Screen Recording 12-6-2022 at 3.36 PM

❗️This is only available for vendors that use the Vendor Portal for order syncing and the order can't be marked as fulfilled.

Updating Shipping Labels

To complete the order with the updated shipping label, you might need to:

  1. Refund the label
  2. Generate a new one

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