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If you have multiple vendors selling the same products or you fulfill the same product in-house as well, you may want to prioritize one over the other when an order is allocated. This can be done within Onport or via API.

Connect the same product from different vendors

If you have two or more vendors that sell the same product and you're looking to define to whom an order should be assigned to and who has priority over the item when an order is placed, you need to connect these items first. 
To connect the items, you'll need to go to each vendor's inventory feed in Onport and click the button "Connect" next to the item. Next, you'll need to search the SKU of the item you want to connect to and hit "Connect":
Now the system knows these are the same items and you can go ahead and define who gets the order when the item is purchased in your store by defining the priority rules by Country, Cost Price, and/or In-Stock.

a) Dropship model

You can do this if you go to > Integrations > [Your Platform] > Order Processing tab > Order Routing Section:


b) Blended model (inhouse and dropship)

If you have a blended model, meaning you have the same products being shipped in-house and dropshipped by a vendor, you can define the priorities for this here:


Define routing priorities

In both models, you can define routing priorities by Country, Cost Price, and/or In-Stock.

For instance, the same item is sold by vendor A and vendor B and you defined the priorities like this:
- Routing priority 1: In-Stock
- Routing priority 2: Country
- Routing priority 3: Cost Price

This would mean that the first criterion is who has stock for the item. If both do, then the second priority would apply. If they're both shipping from the same country, then priority 3 would be applied.

❗️Only the vendor who gets the order will be notified. The others will not receive any order notification.

How will cost price and commission calculation affect this process

In Onport, Cost Price and Commission are two different things which means commission is not a factor when it comes to the "Cost price" routing priority.

However, if one vendor has commission calculation disabled, Onport will rely on cost price for accounting and other related aspects.

❗️If only Vendor A has cost prices set and Vendor B doesn't, Vendor A will always be considered to have the highest cost price, therefore coming last on the routing priorities.

If you want cost price to be one of the criteria the system should look at, you need to make sure "Sync cost prices" is enabled in the inventory feeds. It's also important to verify with your vendor(s) that they do have cost prices associated with the items:

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