Migrating vendor SKUs

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In this article, we describe how to migrate vendor SKUs.

Getting started

There may be situations where vendors raise they want to update the SKUs for their products. For example, they may adopt a new naming scheme to have more consistency. Or, perhaps they didn't used to have SKUs, but now want to start adding them. 

When syncing from an inventory feed (e.g. from a vendor's Shopify store), we'd recommend keeping everything as-is in Onport. While the old SKUs will continue to show in your store, the items will still be connected after the vendors make the change. So, inventory and pricing will still sync.

While you may prefer to have the new SKUs in your store, it will require more manual work and risk breaking the connection of the items already published. 

New products being published will use their new SKU. Finally, the vendor will always see their SKU when viewing the order in their store.

There may be some exceptions you need to be mindful of. When vendors update their SKUs, they may opt to remove all of their old products and create new ones (instead of just updating the SKU field). When this happens, you'll need to reconnect the items under the inventory feed. 



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