How to set up custom status for orders

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Custom statuses can be set up for vendors and marketplaces to use. These statuses will appear on the dropship orders page, which you can then filter by. You can customize these for them to better serve your use case.

For example, if you would like your vendors to acknowledge new orders, you can set statuses called Acknowledged and Unacknowledged. You can set Unacknowledged as the default status when orders are created and have vendors mark them as acknowledged from within their vendor portal. 

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This is only available in the Vendor Portal. Custom statuses cannot be changed from an e-commerce platform (ie. Shopify).

Create Statuses

These statuses are arbitrary and can be anything you choose. To set them up:

1. Go to Setup > Dropship Portal > Purchase Order Status Section

2. Choose level - this is the color of the status label:
Default > Grey
Warning > Orange
Danger > Red

Color status tag examples:

Set default status (Optional)

If you do not set a default status the orders will show a blank status in the dropship order section. If you want to do this, you'll need to go to Integrations > Channel > Channel name > Order Processing Tab > Purchase Status:

Set Statuses

❗️Please note the default status will only apply to new orders. The status will need to be manually changed on previous existing orders.

a) Vendor Portal Order Section:
- Check boxes next to orders > Click "Status" at the top > Choose status:


b) Vendor Portal Order Details Section:

- Click the order number > Change status in the order details section:

c) Directly in Onport:
- Sales > Dropship Purchases > Check boxes next to orders > Status > Choose status:


Email notifications

Email notifications are triggered when a status is updated in Onport or the vendor portal. These currently cannot be edited. 




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