How to export removed SKUs

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If your vendors removed items from their online stores and these are now marked as "no longer available" in the inventory feeds, you can use the export option to check all the removed SKUs across all vendor feeds.

Export a file with the removed items

If you want to know which SKUs have been removed from the inventory feeds, you should go to Inventory > Inventory Feeds > top right button Export and then select Removed Items:


Removing items that are "no longer available"

❗️It is not possible to remove these items if the items are published and connected to your store.

However, if the items were removed from the vendor's store and were disconnected in the inventory feed, they would be skipped on the next feed fetch and thus effectively removed. 

Alternatively, you can use the tagging method to remove items from the inventory feeds.

🔎 Read this article to find out more about the tagging method.





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