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In this article, we describe how to remove a vendor from your store and to how archive it.

Getting started

Remove vendor products from your store

To remove a vendor from Onport, you'll first need to remove the products from your eCommerce store. For example, you can do this on Shopify in bulk by selecting the products by vendor name, and then removing or unpublishing the items. You may want to unpublish if you plan to make the items available in the future.

Archiving the dropship provider

As a next step, you'll now need to archive the dropship provider. We currently don't allow dropship providers to be deleted, to ensure we retain auditing data. You can archive the dropship provider in the menu under the main contacts list (


Once archived:

  • The dropship provider will disappear from the main list;
  • Their system access will be revoked;
  • Their inventory feeds will be paused;
  • They'll stop receiving new orders and notifications.


To unarchive a dropship vendor

Go to Contacts > Sort by "Archived" Vendors > Under the top right dropdown select "Enable".




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