How to create and track support requests

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Submitting cases through the support portal allows you to track the status, receive replies from our team, and respond to those cases. This also allows your entire organization to view and respond to tickets created by others on your team to keep everyone updated.

🔎 To access our Help Center and log in, please click here. 

Create an account

1. Navigate to

2. Complete the signup and it will take you to the Onport Support portal. You will receive an e-mail welcoming you to Onport with a link to direct you to the creation of a password and sign-in.

Submit a case

❗️ Cases submitted under the same domain (ex. will appear in your cases. This allows you to submit cases from different emails but track and reply to them as an organization.

1. Navigate to Onport Help Center

2. Click Submit a request


Track cases

1. Navigate to Onport Help Center

2. Click the Profile Icon in the top right

3. My Activities


4. Here you will be able to reply to current cases and track the status





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