How to customize packing slips

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In this article, we describe how to create packing slips for both your in-house and drop-ship orders

Getting started

When you dropship with Onport, you can send your vendors packing slips to be included with orders. This is a great way to ensure you get your branding and messages to customers, even when you don't pack and ship the items yourself.

Each vendor may have different requirements. So we recommend speaking to your dropship vendors to understand whether they will include a packing slip and which format they'll like this in.

Customizing packing slips

Onport allows you to customize the design and content of the packing slip. The following items can be changed in the setup area:

  • Add your own logo: This should be in a PNG format. The same logo will also be shown in the email notification and dropship portal.
  • Default customer note - this will be shown to the customer on the packing slip for all orders. This might be useful to inform them of any policies or promotions.
  • If you don't enter something here, the company phone and email will display instead.
  • Returns policy - Shown at the bottom of the packing. You may want to include any important returns information here.

The "default dropship note" field is not shown in the packing slip sent to the customer. This is a default message you can include in all vendor emails and within the dropship portal.

You can also make changes to the packing slip for each vendor. This can be done from the packing slip section under the settings page for your dropship provider.

  • Set whether you want prices to be displayed on the pack
  • Whether you want your own address to appear on the packing slip
  • Whether you want to include an order summary in the email order notification

Previewing a packing slip

You can preview a packing slip by going to the track shipments page. Just select the shipment you want to preview and click on the print button.


Some browsers may prevent the packing slip from opening. So, if you don't see anything after clicking the print button, check your browser to see if they stopped the page from opening it.

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