How to sync product updates with your online store

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Onport can automatically sync your vendors' inventory, pricing and product details (e.g. images, tags) for in-house and dropship items, with your store.

In this article, we'll explain the logic behind how Onport handles product sync to your store.

Product updates

You only need to publish the items from the inventory feed once to push all the data to your store. However, when the system fetches the inventory feeds, it will only look for price and stock updates on the items. 

Inventory updates

Onport can be the inventory master for your system - this means any changes to inventory levels will be sent to your store automatically. This will override any changes you make within the admin interface of your store (e.g. in Shopify's admin) or changes made by other connected apps.

❗️When using Onport, we recommend you turn off any other inventory management systems to avoid syncing issues.

Pricing updates

If you are managing pricing outside of Onport, you'll need to turn off the sync pricing option under Integrations > (your store) > Inventory and pricing tab:


Updates history/logs

It's sometimes useful to see a history of the updates Onport has made to your store. This can be done from either the main inventory section or when viewing items within an inventory feed:


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