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In this article, we describe how to integrate with a TradeGecko vendor. If your vendor has a TradeGecko store, Onport can automatically sync products and orders.

Getting Started

To connect to a TradeGecko account, you'll need to provide the following instructions to your vendor. First, a new API application should be registered at On this page, the vendor will need to first create a new application:

In the form on the next page, enter the following details. Other details can be left blank. Once entered, click Submit:

On the next page, the vendor can then generate a Privileged token. This is the token they will need to send you, the retailer, to integrate your account. Or, the vendor can enter the token themselves within their dropship portal (if set up).

Once you have received this token, you can go ahead and create the dropship provider under the Contacts tab in Onport.

  1. When you have created the new dropship provider, go to the Orders tab and select TradeGecko. Enter the API token you received and click save.

  1. Then, you can set up the inventory feed by going to the Inventory Feeds tab and clicking New inventory feed. The API token should already be saved there. You can now save and fetch the feed.

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