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In this article, we describe how to publish products and sync product details from vendors using Shopify's CSV format.

Getting started

Onport can directly integrate with your vendor's store, allowing you to publish items without having to spend hours copying product details. If your vendor is using a custom system or isn't on one of our support platforms, they can also use a CSV import to sync inventory, pricing, or even publish products.

  1. Create a new CSV feed for the vendor. Click on Inventory feeds and "Add new inventory feed"

  2. Click on FTP CSV, and add the feed URL.

    Onport fully supports password protected resources, according to the RFC 1738 specifications.
    Here are some examples of the supported URL protocols:

    If you want, you can also specify if you prefer using commas or tabs in separating the content by filling this in the Delimiter tab. Click save

  1. Before fetching the feed, you'll need to map the column names to the columns in Onport - SKUs and quantity must match. You can do this under the Mapping tab. Just add a new custom mapping, and map your header names for Sku and Inventory quantity appropriately. If you are using Shopify's CSV format, you'll see a button to access an example template if you are just getting started.

  2. Once this is done, you can fetch the feed. Imports are processed in a queue in Onport and it may take a few minutes for the feed to be imported. If you are importing several thousand items, it may take longer. You'll be notified via email once the import has been completed.

Mapping values

When mapping values, you need to have at least the Name, qty, and SKU. Mapping is case-sensitive, which means slight differences in capitalization may make it so the feed doesn't fetch.

Feed fetching

These feeds will fetch daily, under normal circumstances. If whatever party is responsible for updating the file can't do it frequently enough, the quantities sold may result in discrepancies when the feed fetches again if those sales have not been accounted for in the file. If between you and your vendor you realise that may be the case, it may be better to have the feed fetching manually only, in which case you should reach out to our Success team.

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