How to set up dropship packing slips

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In this article, we show how to use Onport to automatically generate packing slips for your dropship purchases.

Getting started

When your vendors are shipping items out to your customers, it is useful to have your logo and details included in the shipment. Onport can automatically include a US-letter size branded packing slip along with each order for the vendor.

  • Returns details: You may want to add returns information on the packing slip, such as how to access a returns portal and the terms of your returns. You can enter this information under the General fulfillment section of the setup area.

  • Shipping labels: If your vendors are using the dropship portal to print shipping labels, it may be useful to include those labels on the packing slip. This means they won't need a specialist label printer to print the item.

  • Prices: You'll need to decide whether to include prices on the PDF packing slip. If you do include prices, the prices will be the cost prices and not the price the customer paid. You should turn on prices if you are using the packing slip as an invoice to the vendor. Otherwise, turn prices off so the customer does not see your cost prices. This can be changed on the dropship provider settings under the packing slip area.

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