In-house model - publishing and updating inventory

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This article may be useful for Marketplaces that have their own products, manage their own inventory and fulfill orders in-house.

Understanding the in-house section

  • Under Inventory > Replenishments you can see the items that were ordered from a supplier and the quantities ordered.
  • You can see a summary of the inventory quantities you have for the items you sell in-house under Inventory > Stock takes. You will need to tell Onport from which location will your in-house items be shipped from.
  • If you go to Setup > Warehouses, you can create them there and add a Shipping rate to each one.
  • You can have multiple warehouses and, at times, you may want to transfer stock from warehouse A to warehouse B - this can be done under Inventory > Transfers and you’ll see them in a breakdown of transfer #1, transfer #2 showing how many items were transferred.
  • If you don’t want to create a transfer for it but you need to manually adjust the quantities available, you can also do that under Inventory > Adjustments.

Publishing in-house fulfilled products

Onport allows you to create products both in-house and within your online store. When products are created within your online store, Onport will import these for you automatically.

Updating in-house inventory

If you have in-house inventory in Onport, you may want to update the stock at some point.
Inventory levels can be updated from the Inventory list in Onport. Changes are usually made to your store within a minute.


🔎 See this article on how to generate shipping labels for in-house orders.
🔎 You can also read this article on how to override the fulfillment policy of a single product.

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