Connect Onport to WooCommerce

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Sync orders, shipments, and inventory between Onport and WooCommerce.


Please note that after migrating to Onport and disabling the WC Vendors plugin, this data will no longer be available and all steps below will need to be taken.

Generating API credentials

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced tab > REST API
    Description: Onport
    User: Must be an admin
    Permissions: Read/Write

  2. Generate API key - This is only visible once, so make sure to note down keys otherwise, they will need to be regenerated. 

  3. Copy the API key to Onport: Consumer key/secret - Onport > Integrations > WooCommerce

  4. In Woocommerce: Go to Products > Attributes, and enter the following: 

    Name: Brand

    Slug: this will be automatically filled in (Marketplace only)

    Default sorting: Name 
    ❗️For older versions of WooCommerce there may be a "Type" field - Set as "select":

  5. (Optional) Enable REST API if using an older version:

    WooCommerce > settings > Advanced > Enabled by default. Older versions may still have this step. 

How to connect WooCommerce to Onport

1. You can do so by clicking the Integrations menu item on the left and selecting WooCommerce on the next page appearing on the screen:

2. You will be able to click "New woo commerce store" to be presented with the page where you can configure the new store.

3. You'll need to enter, at least, the following details:

- Name

- WooCommerce Store URL

- Consumer Key

- Consumer Secret

Mapping products to vendors

Out of the box, WooCommerce does not have a way to set the vendor for each product. In order to route the sales and update inventory, you'll need to create a new attribute for the brand and assign this to each product.

  1. Create Brands in WooCommerce

    Products > click on product > Attributes > choose "Brand" attribute > under "Add new Brand" enter in brand names and select Add new Brand button. Slug will be automatically created and "Description" is not required:


  2. Go to Onport > Integrations > WooCommerce > (your store) > Setup tab > "How do you want to map the brand name?" > Enter in Attribute name created in WooCommerce (ie. Brand):

  3. In WooCommerce > Products > Click Product title > Attributes section > Click on the attribute you want to edit. You can choose from a list of previously created options or create a new one. For more information on Attributes please see WooCommerce documentation here

    ❗️If the product is a variation, when assigning the vendor to the products, "Used for variations" should not be checked. If you assign multiple vendors to a single product, Onport will just use the first one in the list:


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