How to set up packaging dimensions and weights

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This article explains how to set default packaging dimensions and weights, as well as individual ones.

Getting started

When shipping items, it is important to check that the packaging dimensions and weights have been accurately set. This article will explain how this can be done.

Before doing this, do ensure that you have a valid shipping address. To validate it, go to Contacts > Click on a dropship provider > Scroll down to Contact Details under Contact > Click on Validate address. The system will let you know if the address is valid.

Setting dimensions/weights individually

To set packaging dimensions and weights, the vendors need to have all the accurate information about their products. The dimensions and weights can be set on an individual basis, whenever printing a shipping label. This can be done via the dropship portal, by selecting the right order from the “Orders” tab, and editing the weight/dimension before printing the label.


Setting default dimensions/weights

If you do not want to worry about repeating the process for each individual item, defaults can be set. This way, your vendors do not need to set the values every time they are printing labels, as the fields are already populated with the defaults.

To set a default weight go to __Contacts > Select dropship provider > Shipping __

❗️If you decide you want to override the default settings, you can do so from Integrations > select the shipping provider (e.g. Shippo) > set the values under Shipping Rates


👉 Check this article if you want to understand how to create a weight-based shipping rate.

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