How to display different carrier rates at checkout in Shopify

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Having shipping rules set up on Shopify allows you to apply a rate at a cart level for your customer's checkout. This implies that each customer will pay a flat rate, independent of how many vendors' items they are purchasing.

Onport allows Marketplaces to set up a rate per vendor so that, when checking out, your customer will see a shipping rate that includes the rates each vendor practices.
Note: Rates set for in-house shipments are also considered.

In order to show the aggregated shipping cost to your customer when checking out, the live carrier rate setup needs to be done in Shopify and Onport.

Offer blended shipping rates across vendors

 - When there is a single method that overlaps both vendors:

- When customers can choose between shipping methods:

- When there are no overlaps in the shipping method:


How to set up third-party carrier-calculated shipping in Shopify?

Shopify Subscriptions

Onport requires that you have the real-time carrier rate feature enabled on your Shopify account. This feature allows your shop to retrieve rates from any external source, whether it's real-time rates from UPS, FedEx, USPS, or any other custom shipping rate services like Onport. 

👉 Important Note: To enable Third Party Carrier Rate service in Shopify, you may need to be on a specific Shopify plan. We recommend contacting Shopify Support to understand the best option for you.

Setup in Shopify
  • In order to connect to Onport to retrieve carrier rates in Shopify go to Shopify > Settings > Shipping and Delivery > General > Manage > +Add Rate > "Use carrier or app to calculate rates". The Onport app will show up if installed:

  • Shipping integration must be connected to Onport to create labels. This allows your shop to retrieve live-rates from any external source like UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc - Onport Partners

This rate can be set by using all custom carriers provided by the shipping integration. Alternatively, the marketplace can choose to include or exclude services according to its business strategy. 


How to enable Shopify live carrier rates in Onport?

To know more about how to complete the setup in Onport, click here.


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