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In this article, we describe how to Integrate your Aftership account and sync real-time tracking across all of your carriers.

Getting started

AfterShip enables you to track all your shipments in one place, providing your customers with the information they need about their delivery.

Once your dropship purchases are shipped within Onport, tracking details are automatically synced with your AfterShip account. As well as the tracking number, Onport will also send to AfterShip the order number, customer phone number, and customer email.

First, you'll need to enable your carriers within the settings area of AfterShip. For example, if your dropship providers use Australia Post, just select this from the list and click save.

Next, you'll need to enter your AfterShip API key within Onport. To get this, within AfterShip click on Settings > Api then create a new API key.

To add this API key in Onport, go to Integrations and click on the AfterShip integration. Enter the details, click save and you're done.


Tracking details will be sent for any new shipments and any previous shipments won't be synced.

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