What to do when orders encounter errors

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Sometimes when receiving an order, you may also receive an email letting you know that the specific order has encountered errors. This article will explain what you can do yourself in cases like these.

Where to find the order

First, you will need to find the order that is creating an error. To do that, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Dropship Purchases tab under Sales
  2. Filter the Notified tab and select Error

Where to see the error

Once you have found the order, click into it. You will see a red bar stating that there is an error with the order. At the right side of the bar, you need to click Review & Send. This will give you an overview of the error:

After this, you can take one of two actions:

  1. If you understand what the error is about, you can try solving it. For example, the error might state that the vendor has not enabled the permissions to send orders into their store. In many cases, you can consult our support library for help.
  2. If you cannot understand what the error is or do not know how to solve it yourself, you can contact our support. Just provide them with the order number and a screenshot of the error message.

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