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In this article, we will show you how you can easily send and automate your payments to vendors via our Wise integration.

Wise can be an alternative to Stripe, as you can also use it to pay your Vendors for both domestic and international payments by ACH / bank transfer. Fees are typically significantly lower.


❗️This integration will give you the possibility to use the Automated Vendor Payout which is a feature only available to the Advance Plan or above.

Setting up your Wise account

1.  Sign up

If you do not have an existing account you can sign up for a Wise account via the following referral URL -> Signup for Wise When signing up from this link, you'll be awarded one fee-free transfer. You can also use your existing Wise account if needed.

2. Create Recipients

You'll need to add each of your Vendors as a recipient within your Wise account. To do this, you'll need to know their email, bank details, and address. 🔎 How to add Wise recipient  - The required details may change depending on the country of the recipient.

❗️When setting up your Wise account, we recommend ensuring all details are completed for your recipients. Payments may fail if their address and contact information are not complete.

❗️Once you have added the recipient, it's important to uncheck this setting for each one so that we can send payments from your balance.



3. Generate an API key from Wise
Go to Settings > API Tokens > Generate a new token 

If needed, you can also enter a staging API key if you have a Wise sandbox account.


Connecting Wise to Onport

Once your recipients have been created, you'll need to connect your Wise account to Onport under the integrations area.

Go to Integrations > Payments Section > Wise > add API key and choose who covers the Wise fees

The fees may vary by country and we'd recommend getting in contact with Wise support for the applicable fees for your region.



5. Map Vendors to Wise Recipients in Onport

You'll need to map your Vendors to your Wise recipient. Onport won't automatically connect the Wise recipient and the names used can vary if needed.

Go to Contacts > Vendor name > Payment Setup > Choose Wise and Map to corresponding Wise Account.

Important: Make sure that your wise account has enough funds to transfer payments.



Once you have completed the Wise set up please see here to complete the vendor payout workflow:

Vendor Payments and Commission Rates 

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