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It is typical for marketplaces to have specific terms or agreements that they have constructed to outline their vendor relationships. 

This article will explain how Onport allows marketplaces to easily self-manage agreements directly within the system, by creating and assigning them to the appropriate vendors.

Creating agreements in Onport

When onboarding brands, you are able to assign agreements to them directly, so they can view and sign documents directly from their Vendor Portal.

To create agreements in Onport:

  1. Go to Setup > Agreements
  2. Create a new agreement. Give it a name, status (e.g. draft/active/archive), and write the instructions. Instructions can be written in markdown, which gives you more flexibility in editing the text. The instructions are what is displayed to the vendor on their Vendor Portal.
  3. Upload the documents that you want your vendors to view.
  4. Click on "Add agreement". Once you have, this agreement has been added.

Assigning agreements to vendors

1) Assign it per vendor

You can assign agreements per vendor from the vendor settings, under Contacts. Search for the agreement, and assign it. Here you can also send a notification out to the vendor. If needed, there is also an option to agree on their behalf.

2) Bulk assign

If you are using the same agreement for multiple vendors, you can bulk assign them from the Agreements section. Just click into the dropdown of the agreement, click assigned dropship providers, and select vendors. This will add all the assigned vendors to the agreement.

Signing agreements

Your vendors will receive an email notification when there is an agreement to be signed. They can easily access the agreement from their Vendor Portal, under the settings section. From there, they can easily view your instructions and can download the agreement, sign it, and re-upload it again. They will also be able to mark it as agreed.

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