How TradeGecko vendors view an order

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In this article, we describe how TradeGecko vendors view an Onport order on their platform.

Getting started

If your vendors use TradeGecko as their platform, they will receive and fulfill orders directly from their TradeGecko site. This means that there is no need for them to access external portals for you to communicate these orders to them. Whatever orders come to Onport, will also come to their site.

As you are familiar with how orders look in your Onport portal, you may wonder how it looks from the vendor's side. This article will show you how the vendors view orders from their TradeGecko account.

What does their order dashboard look like?

In TradeGecko, the vendors will find their order dashboard from the left-hand side menu, under the Sales Orders tab.


The dashboard gives a clear summary of orders in chronological order, and each order is tagged with a clear status - whether it’s still active or if it has been fulfilled. Also, the company from which the order comes (in this case your company) is also shown next to the order number.

The vendor can also easily filter the dashboard, should they need to create a filter showing orders from your store alone.

What information does each order contain?

When clicking into an order, they can view all the relevant information from the top of the page. Also, where the order came from (in this case you) and whether it’s been fulfilled is clearly marked next to the customer name.


If the order has not yet been fulfilled, the vendor can finalize it directly by clicking “Finalize”. They will then need to mark it as shipped by clicking “Pack all” > “Ship all”. After this, the order will be marked as Fulfilled.


Should they need to return an item in the case of a cancelation, they can do so from the order as well by clicking “Return all” under Returns.

Creating shipping labels and packing slips

Currently, it is not possible for Onport to pass shipping labels and packing slips to vendors using TradeGecko. Therefore, they can print their own labels and slips directly from their account.

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