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This article describes how a Marketplace can allow its vendors to manage assigning variant items to warehouses. The warehouses' availability to a vendor or the ability to manage the warehouses is chosen by the Marketplace.

Getting started

Here are the 3 steps to achieve this:

1. Assigning warehouses to a vendor

Marketplaces should be able to assign a warehouse to a vendor, if no warehouses are assigned the vendor will not be able to perform parts 2 & 3.

To assign a warehouse to a vendor the marketplace must follow these steps:

Go to → Contacts → Select dropship provider → Products tab → “Manually update inventory levels” → Save → scroll down to assign vendor warehouses → Select desired warehouses from the dropdown menu.

By clicking on one of these warehouses a warehouse will be assigned to the vendor. If the marketplace wants to remove the warehouse they can click on the bin icon next to the assigned warehouse name

In the Vendor Portal, vendors will only be able to select from the warehouse assigned via the Onport App by the Marketplace.

2. Batch Assigning items to a warehouse

In the Vendor Portal, vendors with warehouses assigned will be able to select products and assign inventory quantity to selected warehouses.

To batch-assign products, a vendor must follow these steps:

Configuration must be same as in Step 1 (above) → Vendor Portal → Inventory Feed tab → select item(s) → click on Assign Inventory → choose Warehouse at the top → select the number of items that should be assigned to this Warehouse under Total Available → Save.

If needed you can choose the option Set to 0 under Inventory Quantity and start again. You will not be able to assign negative quantities or higher quantities than the ones available.

3. Viewing and editing and assigned item

Once an item or items have been assigned you will be able to see these items in a consolidated view. In this view, you can then move items between warehouses.

To view and transfer assigned items follow these steps:

Configuration must be as in Step 1 (above) → Vendor Portal → Inventory Feed tab → view assigned items button.

Clicking the view assigned items button will open a modal, showing the assigned stock for the variant and the warehouses where the item is assigned. You can then adjust the assigned item between warehouses. This can be done by selecting a warehouseFrom, warehouseTo, and a quantity to transfer.


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