How to charge my customer a different rate at checkout

Joana Morais
Joana Morais
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In this article, we describe how to charge your customers a different rate at checkout from the one you have set up for your vendors. 

Getting started

Depending on your shipping strategy, you may charge your customers a specific amount at checkout, and pay your vendors a different amount. In these cases, you need to create a shipping rate to display at checkout, and a shipping vendor rate to pay your vendors. You can check how to create shipping rates here.

Managing different rates

Once you have the two shipping rates created according to your business-specific needs, it's time to assign them accordingly. 

Go to Contacts > Shipping tab > select Shipping rate (this will be the one assigned to your vendor and related to vendor payments);

Scroll down to "Charge my customer a different rate at checkout" (this will be the shipping rate to be displayed at checkout) > select option > click manage channel rates > select Channel > select Shipping rate > click + Add channel shipping rate > Close > Save;

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