How to exclude a country from a shipping destination

Joana Morais
Joana Morais
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In this article, we show how to exclude a country or a list of countries from a shipping destination. 

Getting started

According to your shipping strategy, you may have a list of countries to which you do not wish to ship and therefore these must be excluded from your shipping setup to avoid any additional costs to your business. 

How to exclude a country from a shipping destination

Go to Contacts > select dropship provider > Routing tab > Countries Serviced > Exclude specific countries > select countries from the dropdown list and click + > Save;

Set up a shipping rate for your vendor* > under “Use fallback rate when no zone is matched” select NEVER > Save;

*you can check how to set up shipping rates here.

Go to Integrations > select your store > Setup tab > scroll down to Shipping > select “Show error when rates cannot be generated” > Save;

Go to the dropship provider settings under Contacts > Shipping tab > Shipping rate > select the custom rates you have previously created > Save.



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